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  • What is Design King William?
    The City of Unley has a vision to transform King William Road into Adelaide’s most loved mainstreet destination over the next two years. Design King William built upon the surveys, research, discussions and feedabck Council has received in recent years from the King William Road community about what makes a great mainstreet. Between May and August 2018, we undertook an intensive period of engagement program inviting traders, property owners and the wider community ito help shape the future of King William Road. The ideas, opinions and feedback gathered from more than 600 conversations during this period guided the development of draft concepts and the eventual final design for the precinct.
  • Why is this project being pursued?
    The King William Road surface has reached the end of its useful life and and is in need of repair. This provides Council with an opportunity to go a step further by reimagining and transforming King William Road into a place that people love to visit, whether they are local residents or part of the wider Adelaide community.
  • Design Consultation
    In late August, elected members of the City of Unley endorsed the preferred design concept for King William Road. This concept was informed by more than 600 conversations that were held with local residents, traders, property owners and the wider community between May and June. The overwhelming response has helped us determine how to best transform King William Road into an appealing destination that provides greater opportunities for all ages to live, work and play in the precinct. Three design options – all based on input from the community – were presented to the public for review in June, and the feedback received on those options has shaped the final concept for a new King William Road. This was endorsed by the City of Unley in August 2018.
  • What does the new King William Road look like?
    Guided by input from the local community, the new King William Road features lush green spaces, outdoor dining and more pedestrian crossings, and highlights heritage buildings. The concept also includes repaving the road surface, parking spaces and footpaths to preserve King William Road’s distinctive village character, with spaces that can switch between on-street parking, temporary outdoor retail and event spaces or alfresco dining spots, should retail tenancies change. The versatility of the design means King William Road can be a destination for shoppers and diners, and can host events of varying formats – making it a flexible mainstreet that can adapt easily to the community's changing needs.
  • Why repaving? Weren’t the pavers part of the problem to begin with?
    Since its original construction 30 years ago, the paved road has become an iconic part of King William Road, and the majority of the community has told us that they want to retain the pavers to preserve the precinct’s village feel. The City of Unley will follow its strict procurement rules to ensure a contractor with extensive recent experience in similar mainstreet projects, and specifically in laying pavers, is selected to ensure an efficient and cost effective construction process. We are also examining how paver selection and the laying process can reduce the noise levels of the new road. Council is committed to ensuring the final design can be delivered with minimum disruption to traders.
  • Council’s Contractor
    Council has engaged BMD Constructions Pty Ltd (BMD) who are an award-winning national specialist civil construction company with an Adelaide office situated in the City of Unley. The BMD Adelaide Team has delivered a portfolio of community projects including the Henley Square and current Gawler Place redevelopments.
  • King William Road Upgrade Commencement
    Early works have already commenced ahead of the actual redevelopment project. Council’s drainage works for the King William Road, Park Street and Mitchell Street intersection commenced on 29 April 2019. SA Water pipe relocation works are to commence in May 2019 with a test already conducted on 6 May 2019. All early works are expected to be completed by the end of May. The upgrade project works will commence in mid-May.
  • Works Program
    BMD will commence works in mid-May 2019 through to early December 2019, at which time, a break in the works program will occur. BMD will re-commence works in early January 2020 and pause in anticipation of the Unley Gourmet Gala and Tour Down Under events (which are still subject to formal decision processes). Works will re-commence immediately following the conclusion of these events if held and the project is expected to be completed at the end of February 2020.
  • South Australian Products and Suppliers
    Local South Australian products and suppliers will be used in the King William Road Upgrade including the supply of pavers and street furniture for the streetscape component of the project.
  • Christmas Trading
    BMD will stop work in early December 2019 to minimise disruption to the peak Christmas trading period. All work areas will be made safe by BMD prior to the commencement of the Christmas shut-down period. Works will recommence in early January 2020.
  • Extent of Works
    The works will be undertaken along the section of King William Road which is located between the Park Street and Mitchell Street intersection (at the southern end) and Arthur Street (at the northern end) which is approximately 600 metres of the precinct.
  • Scope of Works
    Above ground, works involve kerbing and repaving of the road carriageway, creation of a flexible zone, repaved footpaths, street furniture, lighting, street trees and artworks. Below ground, works involve a section of new water main, multiple services connections, stormwater and drainage pipework and pits.
  • Staging of Works
    Works are planned to be undertaken in four (4) key stages. The endorsed methodology took into account the feedback received, particularly from traders, during the consultation process. The four (4) key stages of works are summarised below: Stage 1 (starting May 2019) Construction of the King William Road, Park Street and Mitchell Street intersection. Stage 2 (starting June 2019) Construction of the western kerbing. Stage 3 (starting July 2019) Construction of the paved roadway. Stage 4 (starting August 2019) Construction of the flexible zone and paving up to shop fronts on both sides. It is important to note that the staging of the works is subject to change, as a result of inclement weather. The program will be closely monitored and regularly reported on to ensure that any changes are communicated. An information sheet with construction timelines for each stage and location of works is currently being prepared and will be published on the project website as soon as possible and will also be on display at the upcoming Community Information Sessions which are being planned.
  • Residents and Traders Support
    A Stakeholder and Community Engagement Team has been established by BMD. The Team will keep the wider community (i.e. residents, traders, tenants and landlords) informed and will be available to hear and respond to feedback, issues and needs. The Team will also work closely with Council staff and BMD to incorporate feedback received to meet needs where possible. Construction planning based on individual needs will provide tailored outcomes and work plans (where possible) for residents and businesses with ‘one-on-one’ discussions already underway to understand daily needs. A dedicated project phone contact number and email will be established by BMD for all construction related enquiries. These contact details will be available shortly.
  • Community Information Sessions
    Council will be hosting Community Information Sessions to introduce the BMD construction team and provide information regarding the construction program and staging. Come along and ask questions about any aspects of the works and raise any queries you have about the project. Drop-in Community Information Sessions will be held at 136 King William Road on: Tuesday 21 May 2019 (5.30pm – 7.30pm); and Wednesday 22 May 2019 (9.30am – 11.30am) We encourage you to pop in and visit us any time during the Community Information Sessions to learn more about the project and find out ways you will be kept well informed in advance of the works near you.
  • Full Road Closure
    It was evident during the consultation process that the community, and in particular the traders, want the works completed as quickly as possible to minimise the duration of disruption. This has resulted in the works program including a four (4) week full road closure for the section of King William Road between the Park Street and Mitchell Street intersection (at the southern end) and Arthur Street (at the northern end) to allow for the roadway to be repaved as quickly as possible. These works be undertaken as part of Stage 3 of the works which will commence in mid-July 2019. Pedestrian access throughout the precinct will be maintained at all times including during the full road closure. Prior to this stage, there will be consultation with business operators, residents and impacted stakeholders to understand their requirements. The closure will also be supported by a proactive marketing and PR campaign working with the King William Road Traders Association.
  • Pedestrians Crossing the Road During the Works
    Multiple pedestrian crossing points will be provided during the works. Wayfinding signage will also be in place to indicate where pedestrians can safely cross during construction. One of the key features of the project is the installation of two (2) new pedestrian crossings to provide a safer and more convenient manner with which to cross King William Road. The new crossings will be provided adjacent Samuri Teppanyaki and Phil Hoffman Travel.
  • Day and Night Works
    Hours of work will vary during the project, with a combination of day and night works required to complete the project in the shortest time possible, while balancing the needs of different stakeholders, including traders and residents. Detailed information regarding how the works will be undertaken will be provided in advance of each Stage.
  • Access to Businesses
    Pedestrian access to the front doors of all businesses will be maintained during business operating hours throughout all Stages of works. In some instances, this may involve temporary walkways. Work adjacent to front doors of businesses will be undertaken outside of the individual business hours and this will be negotiated directly with individual business operators to accommodate their needs.
  • Deliveries to Businesses
    Individual plans will be developed by BMD in collaboration with business owners and operators to accommodate and facilitate deliveries during the works.
  • Residents off King William Road
    As the case with the consultation which will occur with individual traders, one on one consultation will be undertaken with residents who live on King William Road and/or access their property via King William Road to understand their requirements and access needs.
  • Managing Noise, Dust and Vibration"
    Noise, dust and vibration cannot be eliminated altogether due to the nature of the works and that construction is being undertaken within a narrow street corridor. A range of management measures will be undertaken throughout the construction period to reduce the impacts. This includes the use of water trucks, street sweepers, changes to activities based on wind conditions, temporary covers to stockpiles, regular vehicle maintenance, shopfront window cleaning, rubber mats on equipment, vibration dampeners, daily monitoring of conditions and incorporating ongoing community feedback.
  • Managing Parking
    During the works, off-street parking will be made available for traders and BMD workers in the Works Compound which is to be setup at 79-85 Mary Street, Unley, subject to a (Category 3) Development Application being approved. A (Category 1) Development Application has already been approved by Council enabling BMD to setup amenities and have minor off-street parking for BMD workers within the Compound. On-street parking is currently being reviewed by Council staff in a number of side streets off King William Road to ascertain if it is possible to amend the parking to angled parking thereby increasing the number of spaces available. This will be finalised shortly and if changes are made, residents and businesses will be notified accordingly prior to changes being made.
  • Re-use of Existing Pavers
    As many of the existing pavers as possible will be salvaged and reused by Council in future projects. Whilst it will be difficult at times to ensure good condition, all efforts will be made to salvage and reuse as may pavers as possible.
  • New Street Trees
    Approximately 100 new trees will be planted along King William Road. A cultivar of deciduous Ash trees suited to the urban growing conditions of the street is proposed to be planted. Council staff are currently working with BMD to source large tree specimens which will provide an immediate visual impact and ensure survival.
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