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Community Update: 9 August 2019

With King William Road now re-opened to traffic, it is exciting to see the transformation coming to life. We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support for the local businesses on the street during construction. 

Please enjoy our latest project milestone update to see the progress as the transformation unfolds - View Milestone Update Video

What's been happening?

Stage 3:  4-week closure of King William Road to traffic

During Stage 3, we made fantastic progress re-paving of the road between the Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street on schedule and re-opened the road to traffic at 6am on Monday 5 August. It was an exciting process to watch and works included:

  • Excavation of road pavement

  • Laying of asphalt

  • Demolition and reinstatement a new kerb on the eastern side of King William Road

  • New kerb and paving of the Arthur St intersection

  • Installation of Common Service Trench (CTS) pits, conduits and storm water infrastructure in preparation for the paving to begin on the footpaths and shared zones on the Western side

  • Common service trenching for service connections within the shared space at all four corners of the intersection is well underway in preparation for paving of the shared space and footpaths at the intersection

  • Paving the road from kerb to kerb between the Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street

What's happening next?

Stage 4:  Shared Zone and Footpaths

Following the re-opening of the road to traffic, work has begun in the footpath and flexible spaces. This work includes completing services installation in the flexible space, compacting the sub grade in preparation for the new pavers, installing irrigation, tree cells and the new pavers.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during these works and you can access businesses with parking available in side streets and behind many of the businesses.

Staying in touch

We are working to keep the community up to date on the upgrade. If you would like to speak to a member of the community and stakeholder team about construction works please: 

For more information regarding the King William Road Upgrade, please visit:

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