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Trader Update: 2 August 2019

It is very exciting to be coming to the end of the 4 week closure of King William Road. We remain on track to complete paving of the road and installation of the kerb on the eastern side of King William Road and reopen the road by 6am Monday 5 August

This means that from Monday morning two-way traffic and public transport buses will return to King William Road.

What has been happening?

Stage 3:  4-week closure of King William Road to traffic

During Stage 3, the BMD crews have made fantastic progress working around the clock with the full re-paving of the road between the Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street. It has been an exciting process to watch and works have included:

  • Excavation of road pavement

  • Laying of asphalt

  • Demolition and reinstatement a new kerb on the eastern side of King William Road

  • New kerb and paving of the Arthur St intersection

  • Installation of Common Service Trench (CTS) pits, conduits and stormwater infrastructure in preparation for the paving to begin on the footpaths and shared zones on the Western side

  • Common service trenching for service connections within the shared space at all four corners of the intersection is well underway in preparation for paving of the shared space and footpaths at the intersection

  • Paving the road from kerb to kerb between the Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street

What will be happening next? Stage 4:  Shared Zone and Footpaths

From Monday 5th August, work will begin in the footpath and shared spaces. This will include completing services installation in the shared space, compacting the subgrade in preparation for the new pavers, installing irrigation, tree cells and the new pavers.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during these works and customers access will be maintained during individual business opening hours. A member of the Community Stakeholder and Engagement Team will be in touch prior to works commencing in the vicinity of your business, to provide advance notice and discuss business needs.

Traffic restrictions and access from 6am Monday 5 August to 2 December 2019: 

  • Two-way traffic, city bound (northbound) and southbound on King William Road will be maintained.

- via one lane at the work zone(s) between 9am and 3pm and between 7pm and 6am

- via two lanes outside of these hours (one lane north bound, one lane south bound).

  • Left and right turns from King William Road into local side streets will be maintained.

  • Access on to King William Road from local side streets will be maintained. Delays may be experienced when traffic on King William Road is one direction at a time.

  • The junction of Boffa Street with King William Road will remain closed until Monday 2 December 2019.

  • On-street car parking on both sides of King William Road from the Park/Mitchell Street intersection to Arthur Street will not be permitted.

  • The Park/Mitchell Street intersection will be open to vehicles for all north/south and east/west movements through the intersection.

  • Driveway access to properties and access to off-street car parking accessed via King William Road on the western side followed by the eastern side may be restricted for short periods while shared space and footpath works are completed. Advance notice via SMS alert or other electronic communication will be provided to those directly affected.

Please note, there will be linemarked pedestrian crossings on KWR, adjacent to the pram ramps, south of Boffa Street and in front of Phil Hoffmann Travel.

BMD is committed to keeping construction impacts to a minimum. The timing and sequencing of the works are subject to business operating hours and weather conditions. Advance notice will be provided if there are changes to the program which will have an impact on businesses or residents.

Important Information

Window Cleaning To mark the end of the 4 week closure, we are pleased to let you know that our complimentary window cleaning program will commence on Monday 5 August for businesses along King William Road within the upgrade zone.   

Cleaning will be undertaken in the morning over several consecutive days.

Removal of Private Items on Footpaths With the King William Road upgrade moving into Stage 4 (footpaths and shared spaces), construction works will soon require access to the footpath.

Several businesses have privately owned temporary or fixed items within the footpath zone that require removal. This may include displays, pot plants, planter boxes, lighting, brackets, fixtures, and other minor structures.   

For those businesses on the western side with such items, we will be in contact in the coming days with further information on dates for removal. Businesses on the eastern side will be contacted in the coming month as works progress. 

Trader Parking

We encourage all traders and their staff to continue to use the designated trader car park to keep the surrounding streets and off-street carparks available for visitors and customers to the precinct. 

  • Access to the car park is via Arthur Street (the entrance is located at 60 Arthur St)

  • The car park is off-street, sealed, line marked and illuminated during operating hours 

  • Operating hours are 7am to 7pm 7 days a week (7am to 10pm on Thursdays)

To facilitate visitor parking, 3hr area-wide parking controls have been installed in the streets around the King William Road Upgrade zone. All day parking for traders is being provided through the Brethren site trader car park. Please ensure your staff are aware of and adhere to parking signage and inform them of the availability of the free all-day parking at the trader car park.

Staying in Touch

Together with BMD, we are working closely with all stakeholders to keep the community up to date on the upgrade. If you would like to speak to a member of the community and stakeholder team about construction works please: 

For more information regarding the King William Road Upgrade, please visit:

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