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More than 600 conversations have informed the final design concept that meets the community’s desire for lush green spaces, more pedestrian crossings and preserving King William Road's distinct heritage. 

Approved by Council in late August, the concept includes repaving the road, flexible parking spaces and repaved footpaths, with spaces that can readily switch from on-street parking to temporary outdoor retail and event spaces or alfresco dining spots, should retail tenancies change.




This design achieves an increase in people-focused spaces through a small reduction in on-street parking.


Feedback from traders and the wider community has indicated acceptance of slightly fewer parking spaces if a transformed King William Road stimulates activity, increases business and provides greater community open space, colour and amenity.



KWR - long llot


Council is committed to ensuring the final design will be delivered with minimum disruption to traders. We will also work with landlords to raise awareness about accessibility and capacity of the many off-street car parks available around King William Road.


To reach this design, we asked the community their preference on the structure, the surface and the kerb. The results of that consultation can be found by clicking on each of the sections below or downloading the engagement summary here






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